Real Christian Life is a premium Christian clothing brand featuring high quality urban Christian clothing and Christian street wear at reasonable prices. We refuse to sell clothing made in sweatshops. We are also dedicated to doing our part to eliminate sex trafficking from around the world by donating at least 10% of our profits to organizations actively delivering victims from sex trafficking. And because we care about you and want to provide you with the best shopping experience possible, we provide free shipping to anywhere in the United States and Canada with no minimum order required.

Our Products

Our premium clothing is made from the highest quality materials available, and is made by workers who are paid a fair living wage and working in safe working environments. We refuse to sell clothing made in sweatshops.

Our Customers

Our customers are real Christians like you. You don’t just go to church on Sunday and call it a week. You are a true disciple. You are a giver. You read your bible and pray. You share the love of Jesus with everyone you meet. You love people as Jesus loves them. You don’t buy cheap clothes made by poor workers earning $2 a day. You believe people should be paid a fair wage that they can support their family on. And because you care, you buy your clothes from Real Christian Life.

Our Designer

Our clothes are designed by Follower Fashion, one of the top Christian fashion designers in the world.

Our Ministry

Real Christian Life was founded for the purpose of giving back. It starts with clothing that is sourced from certified manufacturers that are guaranteed to treat their workers well, pay their workers a fair living wage, and provide safe working environments for their workers. We refuse to source apparel produced in sweatshops.

Each year, we donate at least 10% of our profits to organizations that are actively working to free young girls from sex trafficking. Here is what we’ve been able to accomplish each year with your help:


Real Christian Life donated 10% of its 2018 profits to The Exodus Road. The Exodus Road performs undercover investigations into sex trafficking operations, and reports their findings to police so that sex traffickers can be arrested and victims can be rescued. The Exodus Road has rescued over 1,200 people, and their investigations have led to over 500 arrests. It was an honor to be able to donate to an organization that is actively involved in both the rescue of survivors and the arrest of offenders. This important work could not continue without you. When you shop from Real Christian Life, you help us raise funds for the continued rescue of sex trafficking victims. Thank you for shopping from Real Christian Life! Your are changing lives.


Real Christian Life donated 10% of its 2017 profits to Restore Innocence, a Colorado Springs based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides basic necessities to survivors of sex trafficking. Because of customers like you who shopped from Real Christian Life, Restore Innocence will be able to donate thousands of basic necessities to sex trafficking survivors across the United States. Thank you for shopping from Real Christian Life and helping to rescue sex trafficking victims from slavery!

Our founder, Scott Curry, also provides teachings to help you live the real Christian life. You can view his messages at the Real Christian Life Ministry website.